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Saturdays 5–11 pm, Sundays 2–7 pm

Waste is presented in containers in the form of installations, sculptures, happenings and real contaminated waste: The WASTE PROJECT with its local and international guests is transforming the Recyclinghof St. Pauli into a platform for artistic and design-based events and actions. The municipal collection point is reused as a temporary stage, making the topic of waste directly perceptible to our senses.

With contributions by Ravi Agarwal (Delhi), Dellbrügge & de Moll (Berlin), Anke Haarmann (Hamburg), Tesfahun Kibru (Addis Abeba), Daniel Kötter and Allyn Gaestel (Berlin/Lagos), Harald Lemke mit Anja Bischoff (Hamburg), Nana Petzet (Hamburg), Irene Vögeli (Zürich), Till Wolfer/N55 (Hamburg/Kopenhagen) and the Textil Container (Hamburg).