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The Film Programme for the Waste Project

»Waste Land« »Death by Design« »Taste the Waste«
Saturdays 9:45 pm

The Waste Project also features films revolving around the dimensions of waste and presents: a gigantic waste dump in an artist’s portrait, the downsides of electronic devices in a recent documentation and the topic of food waste in an impressive film essay.



3 June 9:45 pm

»Waste Land«, directed by: Lucy Walker, 2010

Jardim Gramacho – the world’s largest waste dump is located in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Here many men and women, the catadores, scavenge huge piles of waste every day looking for reusable waste like metals or plastics, which they then sell to intermediaries in order to make a living. The sculptor and photographer Vik Muniz collaborates with the pickers in the scope of an art project and, from the found waste, creates contemporary works of art.
10 June 9:45 pm

»Death by Design«, directed by: Sue Williams, 2016

Smartphones, tablets, laptops – a world without these technical devices is no longer conceivable. In 2020, four billion people will have their own computer and even five billion will own a smartphone. But this development has a major drawback that remains hidden to consumers. Filmmaker Sue William tells the story of young Chinese factory workers who are working under inhumane conditions, exposed to the fatal interplay between consumption and waste.
17 June 21:45 pm

»Taste the Waste«, directed by: Valentin Thurn, 2010

Every other head of lettuce, every other potato and every fifth loaf of bread ends up in the waste – the wastage of food in our society is simply disastrous. In Germany alone up to 20 tons of food are thrown away every year, mostly before it has ever reached anyone’s dining table. The implications are pollution, climate change, hunger crises and even wars. The documentary filmmaker Valentin Thurn probes the causes for this wastefulness.